American Football in Rostock

Missing some US sport in Rostock? No Problem, the American football scene in Rostock is quite lively. The team in Rostock is called “The Griffins” and they play in the “Regionalliga Ost”.Why are they called Griffins? Because the Griffin is the emblem of Rostock.

American football is a game that is played in 4 quartersocmprised of 15 minutes. The teams can gain points by running into the end-zone and making a touchdown. The two competitors divide in offense-team and defense-team. The offense team gets 4 downs (moves) to gain 10 yards. If they don’t gain 10 yards with 4 downs, the right to attack changes to the opposing competitor. In one down, the ball can only once be passed forward, normally by the quarterback.

The griffins play in Warnemünde. They normally charge a visitors fee of around 5€. You may also want to watch the performance of the cheerleaders, a spectacle that goes hand in hand with a griffins game. If you have time, go there and enjoy watching a game of football in Warnemünde.

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