Scuba diving

Do you want to see what’s underneath the water’s surface?

Go Scuba diving!

Rostock offers some opportunities to dive. One of them is the diving shop Dive Connection Rostock. It’s close to the city center (Augsut-Bebel-Str. 42), and they do not just provide lots of diving equipments and classes for beginners and advanced divers, they also have a special offer for tourists: learn how to dive within 2-3 days and receive –after a successful quiz— a certificate which will allow you to dive in groups under simplified conditions. Costs are around 299,-€ per person.

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Another place for diving fans is the Yachthafen at Hohe Düne. They offer advanced divers a scuba skills up­date. So if you haven’t scuba dived in a while – that might provide a great place and chance to re­fresh your skills and knowledge (cost around 99 €).

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