Rugby in Rostock

If you prefer oval balls to round balls, you might want to check out the Sport­park Gehls­dorf. From time to time, the lo­cal rugby team, the Dierkower Elche, plays there.

Maybe quick comparison to American football —

In rugby, two teams try to place the oval-shaped ball be­hind the opposition team’s try­line. The ball can be only be passed back­ward or sideways by hand and can only be taken forwards by a moving player or a kick. The ball-car­rier can be stopped by a tackle or by dri­ving him into touch.

In the Dierkower Elche, all the play­ers are am­a­teurs (and the ref­er­ees as well), so you might not see a game in the style of Wales or the All Blacks, but one thing is for sure: Af­ter the game, you will get an ice-cold beer and a sausage for a fair price and a chat with the play­ers and train­ers.

So check out the sched­ule:

Next date in Rostock is:

13.08.2011: 5th Hanse Masters

How to get to Sport­park Gehlsdorf: travel by tram to the Dierkower Kreuz or take the number 15 (during the week) or 14 (at weekends) bus;  this will take you to “Pressentinstraße”, where you should get off. If the weather is nice, you could  grab your bike and take a tour, it’s just 30 minutes by bike from the city cen­ter, and this alternative is more relaxing (in what sense?) than taking the public transport.

Sportpark Gehlsdorf on Google Maps

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