A Stroll through Rostock’s enchanted City Centre

When I first came to this town, I was amazed by all the beautiful and colourful hanseatic buildings in and around the downtown area. I loved discovering any tiny bit of the city I hadn’t discovered before. But after a while of working and studying here, I lost that interest among the everyday hassle. I […]

For The Common House Fan

First things first, I’m not talking about the music genre. I’m talking about common houses, the ones most people live in, I suppose. This is for the people who like touring around cities, marveling at unique architecture or just generally like houses and roofs and stuff. Whatever floats your (house) boat. Why should I be […]

With Horn, Halberd and Candle

Are you looking for an interesting evening programme in Rostock and also like to know more about the history of this medieval Hanseatic city, presented lively and with a lot of disport?! Join the Tour with the Rostock Night Watchman!   The Night Watchman takes you on his patrol and tells you about his job […]

Ready for a medieval feast?

Have you ever imagined how people used to eat 600 years ago? Have you ever wished to forget all your etiquette while you are eating? Well,the Mittelalterschänke Petrikeller in Rostock can make your wishes come true.  As you enter the Petrikeller you will pass the suits of armor standing in the corners and will find […]

A very different museum: Bunker 302

Another guest blog; this time from a guest writer called Andreas Foth, who I have had the pleasure of instructing Business. As we were discussing interesting activities for visiting tourists to the region, Andreas mentioned a place that I have never heard of in all my years here but now feel compelled to go and […]