Beaches I Don’t Hate

places I don’t hate pt. 1 Let’s be honest, people are annoying. There is no need to feel bad about that fact. There are simply instances when you can’t endure another living soul in your personal space. Some people take longer to reach that point, which is admirable, other’s reach it much faster, like me. […]

Coastle walk from Kühlungsborn to Warnemünde

Spring is here! Trees are getting green again, flowers are forcing their way through the ground, and you can smell the fresh sea breeze. It’s time to put on your walking boots and get out there. Todays trip starts in the chic seaside city of Kühlungsborn. You can get there easily by bus or train. […]

Culinary Highlight

Hi guys, this is my first blog, and there is one thing I must get rid of. I have a strong penchant for good food, especially Italian food and I don´t want to deny you the best restaurant in Rostock, which is actually in the north part of the city, in Warnemünde. Paulo Scutarro is […]

Tinder Tourism – Do’s and Don’ts

Tinder Tourism Do’s and Don’ts First dates are tricky – discomfort, boredom, shyness – all these are signs for an awkward goodbye and a wasted afternoon. Well, sometimes you’re just not a good match, even though Tinder told you so. But there’s one thing you really do have an influence on: where to go. My […]

Barnstorfer Wald – shelter for Rostock

Everybody in Rostock seems to enjoy barbequing in the summer. But unlike most other students, I like to go to places, that aren’t overcrowded with people. To be honest: I also like to spend my time around the harbour when I just want to sit down to drink and eat, but when activities are involved […]

Enjoy A Royal Stay in Rostock on Herrentag

On May 10th the male creation of Germany celebrates a very special day: a day on which youngsters and oldsters roam the cities of Good ol’ Germany without any upper body coverage and carrying ‘Bollerwagen‘ overloaded with alcohol behind them. A common sight on this day is how Germans devolve back to basic animal instincts […]

Being a bookworm in Rostock

I’d speak of myself as a boundless lover of books. Ever since I was able to read, I did it excessively. I remember the high score of my teenage years consisting of around 10 books which I read on one weekend. Of course, each of them wasn’t 500 pages, but I’m quite proud of this […]

A Vegan Guide for Rostock – Part 1: The Perks of Spring

As the temperatures are finally rising after a truly extended winter, leaving the house doesn’t make you feel like you’re on an excursion to the North Pole any longer… or like you’re about to lose a limb because of a third-degree frostbite… or like the adrenaline is kicking in because you managed to ride your […]