A great place for a comfy picnic: the beach chairs in Warnemünde

Have you tried the ‘Schwanenteich’ (Swanpond) for a picnic? If not, you should — or try another alternative instead. Here is a new suggestion for you: What about a comfy picnic on the sandy beach in Warnemünde? Of course there are many, many different options concerning where you can have a picnic at that famous beach. You could choose one of the white benches at […]

Drei, Zwei, Eis! – the “Eisscholle”

I am really, really thankful to have my flatmate (really!). Because if she hadn’t shown me the little ice-cream parlour “Eisscholle Rostock” (Eisscholle means a sheet of floating ice in German) a few weeks ago, my spring wouldn’t have been the same. It wouldn’t have been so smooth, so sweet and as creamy as it is now. The ‘Eisscholle’ […]