It’s Happy Hour Somewhere my Dear! – Cheap Wednesday

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It’s Happy Hour Somewhere my Dear!- Overview and

It’s Happy Hour Somewhere my Dear! – Cheap Thursday,

here is now my version of a real cheap Wednesday. If you happen to be in Rostock on a Wednesday and want to save as much money as possible while discovering student nightlife and catching on  Happy Hour after another, come on tour with me.

This is the Plan for the night:

18:00 – 19:00                    Barfuss Bar

19:00 – 20:30                    Planbar

20:30 – 21:00                    Alex

21:00 – 21:30                    Burwitz Legendär

21:30 – open end              Studentenkeller

1st Stop – BARFUSS

We’ll start our real cheap Wednesday at Barfuss Bar, which is a small bar directly in the centre of our lively student quarter. It’ small, mostly crowded with students and tourists, which makes the atmosphere lively and exhilarating and is therefore a good place to get in the mood.

The big lie-down-areas promise a very communicative situation, so it’s excellent  to meet the first people there to go on tour with if we want.

For more details information on this first stop, consider also my Blog Best Cocktails are Drunk Barefoot.

In the Daily Happy Hour you save here €2 per Cocktail- the selection is huge.  Starting here at  18:00 and leaving around 19:00 gives us enough time to catch the next happy hour @ Planbar .To get there it’s only a 5-minutes-walk down “Barnsdorfer Weg” to “Am Brink”.


2nd Stop  – PLANBAR

Here at  Planbar, where you meet the Happy Hour between 19:00 and 20:00 , we’ll only pay €4,50 per cocktail. This Pub is special when it comes to flair: Facilities looking like  a slightly old fashioned living room.

It gives me a real different feeling and I like Pars that have an outstanding concept and in my opinion the living room style in combination with funny collections of old pictures and post cards from earlier times, is one.

And….the drinks are cheap 😉

If we leave Planbar at 20:00 and just walk over to “Doberaner Platz” and take the tram for 3 stops to “Neuer Markt”  we’ll reach our next stop shortly after 20:00. We can also do the 10 to 15 minutes walk crossing our famous Kröpeliner Straße, which is like Ku’damm in Berlin but only a little smaller 😉 Before 19:00 it’s the shopping hot spot in Rostock, and in the evening it’s favoured for going for a walk, eating at MC Donald’s or just getting from “Doberaner Platz” to “Neuer Markt”, as we do. Who needs to get money can find a large choice of ATMs here.

Even if the shops are closed already at this time, we can grab something small to eat  if you feel like getting a basis before having the next drinks.


Here at “Neuer Markt” we find 2 major restaurants in the historic part of tow. Alex and Burwitz Legendär. Both offer very similar prices as well as food an drink, but Burwitz is slightly  more rustic in its atmosphere , whereas Alex is more modern concerning menu and furniture, if you ask me. I somehow prefer Burwitz for the lovingly looking drinks.

From 20:00 – 21:00 they charge €2 less per cocktail, like at Barfuss. It’s somehow modern and rustic at the same time. I’m not sure if this is the intended concept, but anyway, I love Burwitz for it’s real high-quality-tasting and good-looking food& drinks. For example the Spare ribs they serve are the best flavoured, juiciest and sweetest smelling I have ever eaten. And I have eaten many Spareribs in my life. Also the appearance and decoration looks like made with passion. As an example you can see the Burwitz Caipirinha below:


After your cheap visit at Burwitz, we’ll have to hurry a little bit Back down “Kröpeliner Str.”. Opposite to MC Donald’s one of the most popular student clubs in Rostock: Studentenkeller (students’ basement). We’ll have free entry until 22:00 on Wednesdays an once inside, you get  2 drinks for the price of 1. This offer namely “2 for 1” is valid until 23:00 for really each and every dirk: softdrinks, shots, longdrinks. I for example pay €450 and get 2 Vodka-Energy.

It’s a relatively small club, much smaller than LT for example and as its’ name sais it’s located in the basement of the building. What I rally enjoy here is that in summer you have a large court where there are benches and tables. Many people come here just to sit, relax and chat with friends…or strangers-depends on how communicative one is 😉 Dancing is possible, too. The special charm of this cub is in my opinion created by the low arch you dance under. If you would like to check if Studentenkeller is an option for you, consider the blog “The Studentenkeller“.

One hint from my side: order two long island ice teas (you pay about 5€ for both) and you won’t need to spend any more money for drinks this night 😉

It’s really one of the most communicative clubs and you will get to know new people very easy.


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