Potatoes at their best!

As everyone knows, we Germans love potatoes in all varieties, we love them baked with meat and vegetables and in a salad; we love them freshly cooked with traditional dishes; we love them grilled as a side dish to our BBQ– I am no exception. The best place to get the most delicious potatoes is the restaurant “Newroz”, which is a ‘Kumpir Haus’ in Rostock. It´s close to the city center in the Wismarsche Straße. It serves the best healthy food combined with a great baked potato. A simple, but elegant must have for all potato fans. Originally, the Kumpir is a Turkish dish, but has also been available in Rostock for quite a few years now.

Kumpir Favoriti
                      Kumpir Favoriti

As you enter the restaurant, you will instantly recognise the smell of melted butter and cheese. They bake the potatoes in an oven and then mix the inside of the potato with butter and cheese. Now it´s up to you what kind of toppings you want. They give you a giant choice of toppings. On the side, to name only a few, they have vegetables like corn, tomatoes, cucumber, peas, mushrooms; meat like chicken, lamb, and minces beef; great homemade dressings – like honey mustard, garlic, herbs and yogurt.

You can make your own individual Kumpir by choosing your own toppings, or you can take one of their recommendations. I always go with the “Kumpir favoriti”, which comes with green salad, corn, homemade couscous, hummus and a falafel on top. The ingredients make a great and delicious combo, so it´s always an excellent choice. They sell this one at € 5.20.

Their prices depend on your toppings and are between € 2.90 and € 5.20. It´s open every day (Monday till Saturday) from 11.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m. and on Sundays they are open from 5.00 p.m. until 10.00 p.m. Enjoy the non-typical fast-food.




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