Plan B is better than Plan A sometimes


Imagine: Monday morning; hunger; no problem – hunger is the best sauce. Argh! Empty fridge; nothing to eat; nothing to drink. Sick of starvation and not in the mood for shopping. Whether Monday or any other day – it’s time for Plan B!

New situation: Slices of bread and bread rolls; cereal and cornflakes; milk and soy milk. Boiled and scrambled eggs; cheese and curd cheese; ham and sausages. Jam, honey, chocolate cream; salads, fresh fruit, vegetables. Rice pudding, yoghurt, cake.

Now: take a plate, pick what you want, and start eating! Coffee and tea and food as much as you want! How much? Guess! …€10? …€8? …€7? Almost right – …€6,90! And when? From Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 12.00am!


Another special offer at Plan B is the ‘Dinner in the Dark‘. What? A dinner in the dark? Exactly. You’ll have the chance to enjoy a four-course dinner in a completely dark room. You won’t be able to see anything. A blind waiter will accompany you during the whole evening. But you have to sign up for it, they don’t offer it every week! Of course it’s also possible to have a usual dinner in the light. The menu contains both meat dishes and vegetarian dishes!


You can find the Plan B in Doberaner Straße 147 in Rostock, only a few seconds on foot from the tram stop at Doberaner Platz near the city. Extraordinary caricatures create a pleasant atmosphere inside; combined with yummy affordable food, very obliging staff and a 100%-guaranty to have enough – sounds great, doesn’t it? I assure you – it is! For me it’s one of the best restaurants in Rostock for having breakfast, brunch or dinner with the family or friends!


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