Back to the Middle Ages


You want a medival experience? Visit ‘Petrikeller‘ in Rostock in Hartestraße 27! For people that are not familiar with Rostock, the locality might be hard to find. But it’s really worth looking for it! In case of doubt concerning the right way, ask the North Germans – they’re friendly and will provide you information if you ask for it.

When you’ve found Petrikeller, someone will welcome you and show you your table (better to reserve before). Music, furniture and dim light create a real medival and entertaining atmosphere in the cellar vault – soon you’ll feel as you’re back in the Middle Ages. You’ll get menu and a free hard liquor very fast.


The terms on the menu are kind of old-fashioned and metaphoric, but I’m sure the staff will help you to find out what you want. After you’ve ordered they’ll bring a freshly baked bread with lard as a starter for your group and one knife for everybody at the table. But take it from me: look after your knife! There won’t be any knife, fork or spoon again for the rest of the dinner! You’ll only get a big bib until you’ve finished. That means: you’re allowed – or better: obliged – to eat with your fingers like people did it hundreds of years ago!


The meals are solid, but if you’re a vegetarian there’ll be also something on the menu for you. The portions are tall and you’ll definitely be full. If not – and I’d take my hat off to you – you can order a dessert. After eating, a waiter’ll come with a bowl of water to wash your hands. And if you have the right touch at a little game or if you’re lucky in throwing the dice afterwards, you’ll maybe have a pleasant surprise! Enjoy yourself!


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