A sporty city

Rostock is a city close to the Baltic Sea. People chill out at the beach enjoying the sun. They must be lazy. Wrong!


 Rostock is a sporty city. There are many different opportunities to do sport and to discover new sports.

The University of Rostock offers cheap courses (Hochschulsport) you may never heard of. You can join the session “Base and Fly“ ( partner acrobatic) or  “Wu Shu“ (a Chinese sport).

 If you like martial arts, you can become a member of one of the several clubs which are specialised for that e.g.  ShoShin-Karateschule or German-Fight-Company ( but just if you like to box).

 If you want to concentrate on your personal fitness goals, you can go to one of the gyms here.

There are also institutions just for women e.g. Miss Sporty which is in different districts (a map:https://maps.google.de/maps?hl=de&ie=UTF-8&q=miss+sporty+rostock&fb=1&gl=de&hq=miss+sporty+rostock&view=text&ei=z75-UdWCJIfQsgacxYGQDA&ved=0CD0QtQM.

You can do circle training there. (For general information: http://www.mrssporty.de/)

I decided to join a gym where I can train e.g. on a crosstrainer or  participate in the courses there e.g. Yoga. Going to a gym is the best thing for me in Rostock because I can relieve my stress from studying and I can choose the time and the day I want to do sport.

If you do not want to pay money for doing sport; put on your sport clothes for a walk on the beach.


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