The ‘MAU Club’

Hey dear all,

Today I want to give you some information about our amazing live music club ‘The MAU Club’. It is one of the biggest clubs for live music in Mecklenburg – West Pomerania.

Here perform various artists such as bands like Friska Viljor, Gaslight Anthem and Egotronic, German singers, songwriters and rappers like Clueso and Marteria or famous DJs like Paul Kalkbrenner.

Next to the ‘MAU Club’ there is the cozy pub ‘Dieter’ which you can visit as well.

At the moment ‘the MAU’ is under renovation and get more pretty for you until August.




How did you find out about this place?

Some friends dragged me to concert there – luckily I have to say.

Have you been here before? – How regularly do you visit this place?

After my first visitation in ‘the MAU’ I try to catch as many concerts as I can get.


What did you order?

Oh I order a lot of different drinks but most of the time some beer and some shots like our amazing ‘Pfeffi’ (some kind of peppermint liqueur).



Easiness of finding this place?


Good location for future plans?


Quality and Friendliness of staff?


Cost / Performance-Ratio?


Comfortable ambience?


Variety of Products?


Quality of DJ




Something you want to add?

Yeah – well, if it is possible for you visit the club! There are great partys for fans of electronic music namely ‘Funkenflug’ or ‘Made in Berlin’, great Indie Nights and of course the awesome concerts you absolutely shouldn´t miss!


Overall Score IN STARS





THE STAFF INTERVIEW (very short version because the bar tender had no time)


Why should people choose your place? What are your special attributes?


Our ace in the hole is our live music section!!

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