The Bacio Lounge is Moving

End of July- 4th August | Am Strande 2, 18055 Rostock

The „Where 2 Eat & Drink“-group already talked about the Bacio Lounge at the “Stadthafen” (=city port) in Rostock. If you consider going there next month you should keep in mind that the club will close at the end of July.

But not for long!

The unofficial reopening is planned for the 4th of August at the former club “Speicher” (=silo). Until then, a lot of renovations need to be done. So that it will reopen for you to be a greater place to have fun, enjoy cocktails and meet new people.

You can easily reach the place by taking a tram to “Neuer Markt” and going  down the street called “Burgwall”.

Here you find a map of the new location:

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  1. Wow. Thanks for this new information. But are you really sure that this club will move into the old ‘Speicher’?
    I guess that is a very unfitting new location, isn´t it?
    Maybe you could tell me more about this or give me some sources where I can update my state of knowledge 🙂

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