Stand Up, Paddle Down

Doing sports in summer is often not the most popular thing to do because its always too hot or there is better stuff to do, like laying in the sun for hours and not doing anything. But there’s a solution! Water sports! Its way more fun, you don’t sweat as much, and you can stay outside all day long. My favorite thing to do on a nice summer day is to grab a board and go stand up paddling on a river or the sea. Luckily, I live in a city just near a river AND the sea! What a coincidence!

Stand Up Paddling is way easier than you might expect, even if you think you’re not that good at holding your balance, you can do it after a little practice. And don’t be afraid to fall in, but maybe make sure not to carry your mobile phone with you and and maybe wear a swimming suit so it wouldn’t be a big deal if you actually do fall in! There are a few possibilities to rent a board in Rostock or Warnemünde: for example, on the Holzhalbinsel just at the Warnow, there’s a shop called DOYOURS where you can rent a board, book a course or even book a guided sunset paddling tour. Another opportunity is Supreme Surf in Rostock at the harbor and Warnemünde, right at the Beach. You can rent boards for beginners or advanced learners, grab a paddle and there you go! Paddle down the Warnow river or Warnemünde beach, enjoy a soft little breeze and the sun, and when it gets too hot, just jump in and cool down a little bit. 

What I like the most is that you can spend time on the water and train your balance a little bit but still enjoy the sun without getting too hot right away (important: don’t forget the sunscreen!). If you’re tired of paddling, you can also just lay down on your board or paddle while sitting and just relax a little bit. I think its more fun than paddling with a kayak or a boat because its way more fun to do it alone but you can also go with your friends. It feels like you’re on a surfboard but it’s easier to do. And also, it always feels like you’ve been on vacation for a few hours, I love that feeling of freedom when I paddle down the Warnow river and see all the other people having fun with the boards and enjoying life!
The only thing that bothers me a little are the prices – usually you pay 15 euros an hour for one board and 10 euros for every following hour, which is quite expensive for many students. If you like it a lot, you can maybe think about getting your own board, you may find a good offer somewhere or just get a 10-times ticket for around 80 euros, so you can have a summer full of water sport fun!


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