The exhausting life of a student

When you travel to a new city and you are maybe a student yourself, it is always interesting to know how the daily life of students in the city you visit is. Of course, you can even use this knowledge to copy their behavior and feel like a local yourself and maybe get the chance to meet local students in their individual habitat, which you’ll get to know in this blog. 
For this inside knowledge, you first have to know the most important thing every single student will tell you: being a student is EXHAUSTING. Not just that you mostly have no a daily rhythm and therefore sometimes wake up at 1pm to go to class at 1:15pm, it is also really hard to cook food between your classes, which are normally not more than three classes a day. Of course, I don’t want to say that every student is like this but luckily most of my friends are. It appears quite often that I wake up just to go to the Mensa with my friends and afterward to class. Between that classes you still have to do your homework and your usual nap.
This life gets even more exhausting when you try to fit in your really busy, exhausting and challenging everyday life some time for your friends. Because social contact is really really important I sometimes use this as an excuse for not studying and instead maintaining contacts by going to the Pleitegeier (a popular bar in Rostock for students) and also to the club called ST, which is more like a meeting point, for all students on a Tuesday night because you get ONE HOUR free beer! It’s not actually a club because it is more a bar with a dance floor where most of the people show up in sweatpants and a hoodie to just talk to some friends while drinking some beer; tip: try the baked potato there, combined with a beer it’s everything you can wish for on a Tuesday night. Usually, you also meet a lot of students at the harbor having a bbq and just enjoying their time together.
If you do not already feel sorry for students let me just mention two words: semester break.
I experienced semester breaks in other countries like Australia and America, which actually means “free time“, but in Rostock, the break is even more exhausting than the semester already is. Throughout the whole break, which is 2 1/2 month long, we have exams and essays to write and also have internships to do; but we are still up for having a beer after spending the whole day in the library.

So if you want to meet some nice students just keep in mind that they mostly come out at night time!!

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Originally I am not from Rostock myself. When I finished High School 2014 I wanted to study near the ocean so I came to the idea to study in Rostock. None of my friends have been to Rostock before and they were just telling me that Rostock is "another city in eastern Germany" but when I arrived in Rostock I felt at home since the very first minute. This is why I like to share my personal experiences and tips about Rostock in a blog so that future visitors as well as students don't think about Rostock as "another city in eastern Germany".

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