Culinary Highlight

Hi guys, this is my first blog, and there is one thing I must get rid of. I have a strong penchant for good food, especially Italian food and I don´t want to deny you the best restaurant in Rostock, which is actually in the north part of the city, in Warnemünde.

Paulo Scutarro is the favorite spot for my boyfriend and me. It is a popular place at the beach in Warnemünde, next to the Neptun hotel. It´s a touristy place where both locals and holidaymakers go to eat in a relaxed atmosphere. Warnemünde is the favorite hangout place for people from the polo scene, for surfers and wave riders, as well as walkers and those who love nature – people who like to enjoy life at the beach, the sun, and the breeze and people who just love to spend their time outdoors in a maritime environment. This place has a stylish interior and great food. As you enter the room, you are welcomed by a magnificent setting: a delightful marriage of a curved wooden ceiling, huge panorama windows and luxurious modern furniture. There is a gigantic wooden swirl beside the bar in the middle of the restaurant, which is definitely eye-catching. I prefer to take a seat just behind the glass front in order to enjoy the meal with a view of the Baltic sea, getting a food insightful moment.

The menu offers creative Italian dishes and an excellent selection of wines, which are pricy but worth sampling. The restaurant also does brunch on Sundays. There is a wide variety of mouth-watering starters. We always have a mixed appetizer plate of Italian specialties such as hard cheeses and goat’s cheese, cold cuts, marinated vegetables, ham, vitello tonnato, carpaccio and seafood such as shrimps. They are exquisite and our favorite starters. The main courses are based on seasonal highlights, though of course you can get a pizza with salami if that’s what you want. Thankfully the waiter, a charming middle-aged man, is always around and willing to exchange in kind words with all his clients. He also provides advice and recommendations, which adds to the special ambience at this place. It is strongly advisable to book in advance at this popular restaurant. In this way, you can also make sure you get a seat by the windows. If you want to go there by car, it is best to park in the garage of the Kurhaus which is in the same building as the restaurant.

Although it is pricey, the food is exquisite, and we had an extremely pleasant dining experience. I highly recommend going to Paulo Scutarro. The place makes you will feel at home and like you’re on vacation at the same time, and the food is delicious too. Paulo Scutarro is a place we get longing for. But please be careful, the location as well as the food will transfer you to another place, thousands kilometer away from here.

photo by Joana Gallas

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