Florida in Berlin?


In my last blog, I wrote about the most tasty paste in another city – Rome. In this blog I want to introduce you again to an ice cream dealer that you can find outside of Rostock – namely in the biggest city in Germany, our capital, Berlin. I don’t want to promise that this is the most incredible cold gold in Berlin cause there are just to many dealers, but I can promise that it is really a very tasty paste!

My girlfriend lives in Berlin, so I’m sometimes there, like last weekend. We enjoyed the nice weather and walked through the district of Spandau. Suddenly a huge sky-blue sign crossed my view – “Florida Eis“.

I said to my girlfriend: “Florida sounds awesome but in connection with paste, just incredible.” I imagined, myself tanning in the sun at the beach of Key West with a cone full of delicious cold dope. So I convinced my girlfriend to go over and order some of the “Florida Eis”. Then I read that ice cream is produced without any CO2 , gluten free, lactose-free and is vegan – so I got a bit scared of whether it was actually still proper paste or the pure health? Anyway both of us decided to take 2 scoops, and I tried Whiskey Cream and Hazelnut, which was really good. I wouldn’t write about this day if this wasn’t be the best paste I’ve ever tried in Berlin!

They really have a huge range of flavors, e. g. Swiss Chocolate and Cherry Chocolate Chip, Pecan nut and coconut, mocha and Latte macchiato, mandarin and cranberry.

We enjoyed the awesome paste and the awesome weather in the awesome city of Berlin! The closest equivalent here in Rostock in terms of flavors is “Eisscholle”.

Opening hours: 12am – 10pm

Price: 1,40 per flavor

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