The feeling of happiness

Spring: the feeling of happiness, the sound of birds and mostly lots of sunshine – the perfect time to find a pretty nice place for free time.

You want to relax and wind down; you want to do some sports and forget about everything for a while; you want to have a barbecue, sitting together with friends and talk to them – I might have something in mind you’re sure to enjoy here in MV.

My advice for where you can do all these things is the city harbour. After a long, hard working day – and it’s generally known that students have enough of those 😉 – such a place is absolutely ideal.

After work or university, grab your shoes and go for a stroll. Sure, you can definitely do it on your own, BUT there’s another possibility take a chance and become one of the jogging-community. You will see it’s much more fun.

If that’s not your thing or you’re not in the mood for it you will have numerous alternatives, too. You only need a disposable barbecue possibly a few bottles of beer or wine, and to be in a good mood, and everything else you’ ll get at the harbour. Just a small hint, don’t come too late, because of the best places which will be occupy quite quickly. Still a suggestion for the romantic people. Go for a walk at sundown and afterwards warming up in one of these little restaurants or bars at the harbour. I promise you’ll have a brilliant evening. One of the Restaurants I prefer is the ‘Salsarico’ [mappress mapid=”186″]’ which will be a good choice. It’s not directly at the harbour, but close enough to the harbour that you only have to go some minutes and it’s definitely worth visiting.

Now you had some impressions of mine but nevertheless it’s on you to discover the harbour. There are definitely many more different options to discover. Therefore have a look at the harbour and find out what YOU like the most.


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