Have you heard about ‘Slacklining’? No? You should continue to read this article about Slacklining in Rostock, then. You could also get an idea what Slacklining is when viewing some videos on Youtube. If you haven’t the possibility to check it out on Youtube, I’ll give you a short introduction.

The basic idea is that you walk on a rope that is stretched between two fixed points. The rope is taut so much that you can hop on the rope and do some tricks. It is a good sport to train your sense of balance. Waterlining, Urbanlining, Yoga Slacklining, Tricklining, and Highlining are all forms of Slacklining over water, in the city, with yoga elements, including special tricks like a backflip, among others.

Two of my friends did it in the Barnsdorfer Wald recently, and I’ll add an interview with them soon to provide you with some insider-information. Maybe I’ll have the opportunity myself, then I will supply you with some photos and impressions =). For beginners it is possible to stretch an additional rope which you can grab with your hand to find your balance easier and to familiarize with the new sport.

For some further information you can check the Wikipedia entry for Slacklining, several forums in the internet and videos on Youtube.

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