2 awesome places to eat

There are tons of nice and good restaurants here in our beautiful Hanseatic City of Rostock. But in this blog, I will put the focus on smaller things. Everyone knows Mc. Donald’s, Burger King or KFC; you pay a lot of money to be full, but feel like crap; the stuff doesn’t even taste that good, but you want more of it. There are a couple alternative and private places to eat which you can only find in our city. I will mark these special locations in a map below. Get ready!

The first place I wanna talk about is “Liberty Delis”, located in the inner city of Rostock and just a minute’s walk away from “Neuer Markt”. The owner of it is a typically, cool and easy going American dude. Sometimes, there is an amazing American Cadillac right in front of his burger-house – Man! Coming back to the food though, as I said, “Liberty Delis” serves a delicious variety of different burgers, hot dogs, side dishes, and a homemade chilli con carne; believe me, I’ve tried them all. One example of their luxuries is a burger called “Central Park”, with beef, an egg, bacon, leaf spinach, and honey-mustard sauce on it. What is special about this place is that they buy their meat and bread from a regional farmer and bakery, so they offer very high quality. A great advice I have for you: You should try it.

The second unique place to eat is the “Kumpir Haus”; it’s located near “Doberaner Platz”, which is not far away from the inner city. People I know love this familiar, cosy and cordial location. A Kumpir is a big baked potato with a variety of different fillings. A basic one is filled with butter and salt; A Kumpir Waikiki, with butter, cheese, pineapple, and chicken. It’s not all about potatoes: they have vegetarian variants, pizza, soups, and wraps. It’s worth visiting this place for the Mediterranean specialities.

Burger King and Mc. Donald’s are definitely expensive places, spread all over the world, and far less innovative than today’s suggestions. I promise you’ll have a big smile on your face and be highly satisfied after visiting one of these incomparable places.

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