Bouncing in the sea


If you are sick of taking some exercise by being tangled up in hour-long hiking tours that your partner calls “fun”, I suggest you suggest to them to spend the day bouncing. The Bounceclub e.V. in Rostock, Lichtenhagen offers you a refreshing new and different way to have both feet on and off the ground: one floor higher– springy– on seven-league boots.  The experience on these flexible legs is a very intensive one; it is five times as exhausting as jogging and stimulates 98% of the muscles at the same time. That’s why you get the satisfactory feeling of really having your body moved combined with the great experience of lightness and weightlessness while jumping. 


In the summer, training is relocated from a sports-hall to the most beautiful scene the city offers: the beach– to bounce alongside the water and then have a refreshing bath in the sea.   

Bouncing is really quite like cycling, quite easy once you have the hang of it. You need nothing more than the ability to keep your balance, because everything else that’s  necessary– the seven-league boots and protective equipment– is provided there.

To try the first steps on trial and become another addict of this sport, check out the timetable and then agree a free lesson.


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