Rostock from Bird Perspective

I love to feel like I am on top of the world and for that reason I usually spend my vacation in the mountains. Hiking up a mountain can be quite exhausting but in the end it is totally worth the stunning view. Everything looks tiny — people look like ants, big vehicles look like toy cars that are cruising on a road of a toy carpet, buildings look like miniature houses, and the best thing is: you can let your gaze wander and see almost everything, even things that are many miles away.

Back in Rostock, I often miss having that breathtaking perspective that makes me feel like I am free as a bird. For that reason I am always looking for spots in my home that give me back that feeling and allow me to get a nive view over my city.

The following three places give you the opportunity to discover Rostock from the top — get ready to spread your wings and to feel like a bird too.

St. Petri Church

The St. Petri Church is located in the eastern part of the old town. It is the oldest and the highest of the churches in Rostock. The house of god is a perfect starting point to discover the city. Once you arrived there you can purchase a ticket to climb up the tower for 3€. The tower is 117 meters high — but no worries, the platform is only at 45 meters height. Walking up the steep spiral staircase can be quite the adventure and for sure its not the same but it gets a little close to climbing a mountain in the Alps. To avoid getting dizzy it is helpful to take a little break once in a while, while enjoying the view getting better and better through the tiny little holes in the bricks. After scaling the 196 steps and taking a deep breath, the sight from the platform is just stunning. The wide panorama, that can be gazed at in wonder, contains the beautiful ancient buildings of the old town, the spacious Warnow river and the famous city harbor in the west as well as the countryside, with all its wide fields and little villages, in the east. Especially at sunset, it looks magical to see the colors change over the many roof tops from crystal blue to flamingo pink and later to an intense orange-red. It is also possible to take the more comfortable way of the elevator to get up to the platform. This makes this sight special because it is also available for people with walking disabilities, which is not typical in such old buildings.

Neptun Hotel

Being at the beach is one of the best things to do in Mecklenburg Vorpommern. Especially in summer, I love to relax there on my blanket, the white sand between my toes, the warm sunshine on my skin and the salty air blowing through my nostrils — day dreaming about how life must be like as one of the cheeky seagulls that are all over at the beach. Even though these huge white birds are not the favorites of many locals (because they love to steal fish sandwiches and icecream) they must be living their best lifes. They have the best view when they fly over the coast and they do whatever they want — no matter what everyone else thinks about them. They are truely free. A place where you can feel a bit like a seagull is the Neptun Hotel in Warnemünde; more precisely its 19th floor. This is where the highest restaurant of Mecklenburg Vorpommern is located. It offers, next to hot coffee, delicious cake and ice cold sundaes, the best view over the baltic coast. From one of the many window seats, it is possible to watch the beach and the baltic sea with all its white sailingboats and sporty surfers.

Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheels are always a little magical and remind me of my childhood. Every time it is a little bit exciting to enter one of the many gondolas before take off — so it is nothing for the faint-hearted. But once the wheel moves, the excitement is blown away and what is left is the delight of the stunning view.

In summer a ride with the ferris wheel can be enjoyed in Rostock Warnemünde, right next to the main train station. The so called „Hanse Rad“ offers, at 50 meters height, a view over the beautiful town of Warnemünde and its harbor with all its ferries and impressive cruise liners.

In winter, especially during the months of November and December, the traditional ferris wheel of the christmas market in Rostock makes the young and the old guests feel happy. Cuddled up in warm stockings and cozy winter coats; with mulled wine or hot chocolate in christmas mugs, its ride can be quite a highlight of the christmas season. The view gets unbeatable once the gondola reaches its peak: thousands of christmas lights, cheerful people in christmas mood with funny hats and cute outfits, Santa bringing gifts to the excited children in town, food shacks with a scent you can smell even in your top position, and the pigeons that snuggle up to each other on the rim of the rooftop of the St. Marien church.

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