Silent Disco Night Fever

Hi there,
Rostock has a huge number of clubs and bars. Unfortunately, in the last year, we haven´t been able
to visit them.
But last Friday night I came home and was in the mood to rest. Suddenly I took a look at my
smartphone, and a friend of mine asked me to come to the Downtown habour to the silent disco
( . I was very curious, my heart beat faster, because I had never seen such a kind of disco. I
saddled up on my bike and rode to the Downtown habour. I was told that the silent disco would take
place at the Haedge-Halbinsel, an well known area at the Downtown habour.
When I arrived there, I saw appromaxitely 60 people dancing, but I could not hear any music. I
approached the dancing people and soon I met my friends.
For € 7 I received headphones and listened to some music. The music was transmitted via bluetooth,
a DJ had his turntables on the side and provided some music. 3 different channels for music were
accessible: A channel with 80s rock, a channel with techno, and a channel with some quiet chill-outmusic. We could to change the channels via a button on the headphones. Listening lots of nice
songs like Alphaviles Big in Japan, my friends and I enjoyed a nice evening at the HaedgeHalbinsel. It was a pleasure to dance again for such a long time! We all had our own headphones,
but all dancers were kind of connected while dancing! Feeling like dancing at home but with lots of
dacing-mates on your side on a public area! Like a revolution of the club scene! Because it was an
outdoor-event which took place with social distancing in the open air, the hygiene standards were
There was a nice flair with a summerbreaze in the air, and the lights of the city reflected in the
water. At 11 pm the event was over, and everyone applouding, yelling or whistling. Afterwards my
friends and I enjoyed for a while at the Rostdock for a beer. It was a warm summernight directly on the water to remember!


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