Playgrounds around the City Centre and the KTV

Whether you have kids of your own or babysit frequently, sometimes it helps a lot to go outside and let the children run around and play. However, when you do not know the city very well it can be a hassle to find a playground that fits your and the children’s needs. I have had that problem several times before and have therefore seen many different playgrounds around my area. Sometimes you only want to go out for a short time, then you need the playground to be very close by, other times you have more time and want to see something a little more extraordinary. No matter what your needs are on a specific day, I am sure my guide will be a big help in finding the perfect playground.


Since I am currently living in the KTV, the go to playground for me is in the Hospitalstraße. This one is very close to my apartment and it has a swing, a slide, a little play house and a few other things. Additionally, there are benches for parents and babysitters to sit down and watch the kids.


By far one of the fanciest playgrounds in my area is located in the Zochstraße. Children can play, jump, run or climb onto play houses and climbing frames of all sorts. The whole area is designed in a maritime way, with little boats and loungers made of wood. Many benches ensure a good visit for the parents as well. The place is surrounded by a fence, giving parents the certainty that their kids do Not suddenly run away, or worse, onto the road. Instead, you can be sure your kids will enjoy the slides, swing, and climbing frames on this big, secure,  and maritime playground.


Another big playground is located on the other side of the city center. Near the Steintor, Am Gerberbruch, is one of the biggest playgrounds I have seen around Rostock. When you plan on going to this one you have to make sure you are willing to spend lots of time on there. Your children will be amazed by all the possibilities they have to run around and enjoy themselves. A large slide, many climbing frames, different sorts of swings and the best – an enormous swing that even I, as an adult, love to go on when no kids are in sight.


Of course Rostock has many more playgrounds even in my area. Unfortunately I have not yet visited all of them. Those were the ones me and the kids I was with enjoyed most out of all the ones we went to so far.


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