Landscape Photo Opportunities for When You’re Out and About in MV

Honestly, we’ve all been there. We get to a new place, become overwhelmed by its beauty and just take any camera at hand and start shooting. We then upload the pictures to Instagram and call it a day. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that – but what if you wanted to stand out from the sheer thousands of selfies taken at Warnemünde pier?

Here are some ideas you can try when out and about MV with your camera:

Bad / grim weather is anything but your enemy.

I mean that quite literally. Take your camera (make sure it’s waterproof, just in case) and get to the seaside. One of my personal favourites is Diedrichshagen beach as it remains somewhat calm during the tourist-intense summer months and presents you with amazing scenery. The sky– especially during the ever-warmer summer months – can be quite boring. The moment when you can take some of the most amazing pictures is whenever the weather changes and the sun starts breaking through the grim and cloudy, and dominatingly-grey sky. MV’s long-stretching beaches, such as the one at Diedrichshagen, are just perfect for that. Such conditions are perfect for shooting amazing portraits, too, by the way – so no matter if you’re a landscape or portrait photographer, you will be rewarded with some unique pictures – and it’s really easy to get there by bike or bus (just take bus 36 or 37 to Rohrmannsche Koppel) as well.

Shoot for the stars.

Many areas in MV are rather rural. That means less light pollution and an amazing opportunity to engage in some long-exposure photography during the night. Granted, you will need to get up rather early in the morning, way before sunrise (in summer months, for most days, you’d need to be at the spot before circa 4:30am), (or stay up late way beyond sunset, well some time after 1:00am), but it will be worth it. While most probably any less urbanised area will do, try finding spots with water (lakes, beaches, even puddles!), giving the water some chance to reflect the sky lights – the extensive and magnificent lake area around Schwerin particularly might just be perfect for that. I’d recommend Flessenow for this – while it might be a bit harder to get to, there is a small bay allowing you to even get really far into the shallow, and usually really calm water in order to catch some breath-taking shots.

Have fun!

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