What to do in Rainy Rostock

When I think of Rostock, I think of university and the beach. I asked around in my group of friends, and my family, and all they think about when they think of Rostock is their summer holiday and going to the beach in Warnemünde. However, since I have been living up here for a few years now, I know that, especially during the autumn and winter months, the weather here can get a bit rough sometimes; but that doesn’t mean you cannot have a good time here during those months.


Rainy Beachwalk


There are many things to do even if it is stormy and raining in Rostock. First of all, guess what, the beach is still nice in the rain; why not put your wellies on and a raincoat and have a wee peaceful walk down the beach. If it gets a bit chilly there are many little Cafés right by the ‘Strom’ to get a hot chocolate or a hot sea buckthorn juice, which is kind of a specialty up here and well worth trying.


Art Hall


Another thing that immediately popped into my mind when thinking about what to do in Rostock if you do not want to go out in the rain is the ‘Kunsthalle,’ an art center that usually has a few different art and photography exhibitions; you can have a look on their website to check the ongoing ones out. The Kunsthalle is right by a little lake called ‘Schwanenteich’ (meaning swan lake, I guess) and is worth a walk around. They also have a wee Café with self-made cakes and small snacks; if you don’t want to face the rain you can look out of their windows at the lake while sitting there enjoying a coffee or tea, and reading or looking at pictures of the art books (of exhibits they used to have on) that they provide. The Kunsthalle is easy to get to by tram; you can take tram 1 or 5 to the stop ‘Rostock Kunsthalle.’



Trampoline Park


Another thing you could do is go to an indoor trampoline park called ‘FlipOut’. It is in Schmarl, and if you go there by public transport, it is a little bit annoying to get to, but it is definitely possible (I’ve done it); you can take the S-Bahn train to Evershagen and then you can either walk or take a bus to ‘Industriestraße’. However, it would be easiest just to drive there by car. I have been there once and we planned on staying for hours but to be honest one to two hours, is definitely enough since trampolining is actually quite exhausting after a while. Who would have thought? They have big trampolines with foam pits and obstacle courses, small trampolines for children, little parkours and a tower for climbing. It is pretty cool and you should look at the pictures on their website because I don’t feel like I’m doing it justice here.



Try to Boulder


We have a few places to boulder in Rostock and Warnemünde; 45Grad in town and Felshelden in Warnemünde. I personally think it’s the funnest to go in a group or with at least one other person and try out different courses; each course has a different colour which means that they have different levels of difficulty to them. You should go and ask the staff which ones are the easiest up to the hardest ones because sometimes it changes from boulder gym to boulder gym. Also, don’t worry if you haven’t got the right bouldering shoes, you can always rent some because they won’t let you go in with trainers. They also have courses for adults and children which you can do if you are new and unsure how to do it right.

These are just a few things you could consider doing, however, there are many more things to do indoors in Rostock. I hope you enjoy your time here and try out some new fun things.

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