A Great Theatre Visit For Everyone

We all know the struggle – theatre visits are great, but mostly very expensive. On top of that, agreeing to a topic or even a genre can be hard too. Should it be funny or serious, a musical or an improvisation, traditional or unusual? No matter what decision you make, you will certainly find something in the Freigeister’s program. Traditional plays such as “Hamlet”, musicals such as “Freeghosts – The Hit Musical”, or improvisations such as “Gossip Ghosts”, all of which can be found in the ensemble’s productions.

The association Freigeister was founded in 2014, and since then, many plays were performed in different locations in Rostock. Being a member for almost a year, I was able to experience that not only the plays and performances are great but also the relationship between the actors is amazing. Therefore every performance conveys fantastic sensations of happiness, grief, sorrow, joy and much more. When seeing the diversity of the cast(s) and the joy in acting, you will immediately feel the difference to big theatre companies and their productions. In addition, the fact that no greet for profit is involved is good for your wallet. Tickets mostly only cost between 5 to 10 Euros – if you are a student it’s sometimes even cheaper! For that, you get an entire play – at least 70 minutes long. 70 minutes of excellent acting, 70 minutes of being in a different universe.

The only downside is that within a certain time frame, you can only see one particular play since there are only around 50 members who all have jobs and/or are still at university or in school. You can find the whole ensemble on the Freigeister homepage. Additionally, all plays are only performed in German.

If you like visiting the theatre and are capable of understanding the German language, the Freigeister are certainly a phenomenal way to spend your afternoon – and if you decide to stay in Rostock for longer, you can even think about becoming a part of this wonderful ensemble and help creating these outstanding plays.

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