RostDock – Container Bar at Rostock’s Harbour

Don’t want to take the S-Bahn or the drive all the way to Warnemünde Beach? Want to enjoy some cold beers or a cocktail and still be by the water enjoying the sunset and watch some boats? Then it might be worth visiting RostDock; a cool, yellow container bar right by the Warnow bank is only there during the summer months (1. May until 30. September). They have comfy deckchairs, a swing(!), some chill games like chess and a piano. In my opinion, the coolest thing about this bar is its sustainability effort: the other day I ordered a Mojito and instead of your average straw I got a macaroni to sip my drink out of. I mean, how cool is that? Last year I remember they started a bunch of beach and Warnow clean-ups trying to get people to help them collect litter from the waters and beaches around Rostock.

View from the bar

Last summer, my flatmate and I went to the bar and a bunch of people were playing jazz music with the instruments they provided; sometimes they also get a DJ to play some nice tunes by the water. Every now and then, you even can participate in dance courses right by the bar which I personally haven’t checked out yet but it definitely looks fun. They generally have many events going on when the weather is nice; just check their website; however, it is completely fine if you just want to enjoy the sun setting, meet some friends and chill by the water; the view of the water and passing sail and motor boats is pretty amazing. The only thing you should remember is to bring a jacket or a hoodie because it can get chilly in the eve, and besides that it is always windy in Rostock.

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