I eat and I know things. Or: How to get an authentic, GoT-fashioned medieval meal (without being stabbed)

“I like eating.” That, folks, is the understatement of the year. Not only do I like eating; I love it. I love eating out, I love eating in, I love eating anywhere, really, as long as the food is good. But most of all I love adventures (you might even call me the Bilbo of culinary ventures), and those do most certainly not stop at food. On the contrary; a couple of years ago, I felt very brave one tipsy evening and decided to try fried grasshopper – now, before anyone jumps to conclusions (except for the grasshopper, of course; he can’t do that anymore) – it tasted as weird as it sounds. Lil’ crunchy. Lil’ bitter. Lil’ bit like chicken (but doesn’t everything taste like chicken except chicken?). But not too bad. Not to worry by the way, I will not end up in what is most likely to be Germany’s worst Reality Show of all time, but every now and then, I do like a challenge. Now, taste itself can be a very secondary thing. That might sound a little weird at first, but trust me, sometimes the circumstances of how you eat your food are way more important than the food itself (Gordon Ramsay, please hold it together. By the way, what is it with the name ‘Ramsay’? All Ramsays that I have come across seem to be sadistic bastards that have a weird thing for sausages…). Having both at the same time though – really good food and a really good adventurous, out-of-the-box experience – that is rare. Yet far from being impossible.
As for Rostock, there a couple of these out-of-the-box places. Among some real good spots, there is one that I fancy most, but before I go into that, I am afraid I must adjust my language and overall tone a bit to meet the standards of said spot. *clears throat, slips into armour, grabs sword*: Beholdst peasants! Beforeth thee stands the encredibleth I, and I shall now show thee the most superb tavern to dine! Okay, sorry, that escalated way too quickly. But I watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones yesterday (of course I first watched all seven seasons before that. In a week…), and I feel my medieval I has been triggered, now pushing through the veil of time and space just to be unnecessarily overdramatic. For those of you who are non-watchers (or non-believers. No offence.): Don’t worry. My insider tip does not require you to know the series, but it does help if you are into that whole medieval stuff, and if it’s only just a little bit. Because where I shall take you, things are handled a little… differently.
It is a restaurant alright, but maybe the term “Tavern” puts it into a more appropriate context. The name of this medieval place is Petrikeller, and it is an original underground inn from the 13th century in the old part of Rostock. The staff – or better: the servants and maidens – are dressed in ancient gowns and will address you in a flowery, elder-German manner. By the way, cutlery is not really a thing; ten fingers and a dagger to skewer your meat are more than sufficient there. A very great and clever mind once said: He who likes food, eats. He who appreciates it, feasts. And that mind is me (at this point, l mentally high-five Tyrion). Apart from getting your hands dirty, there will be plenty more to enjoy: Medieval music by talented minstrels, a rustic and cosy atmosphere and an authentic German cuisine are only some of the perks of dining there. The menu covers hefty and hearty meals, most of which tended to be the standard in elder days: potato-, chicken- or onion soup, and a variety of cheese, bread with butter or lard and ragout fin are for starters, and the prices lay between 5 and 10 euros. Main courses offer for example you duck with red cabbage and German dumplings, smoked pork and sauerkraut, and also fish and a vegetarian dish called “Bettelmönchsbrot” ( By the way, you will have the chance to eat and drink there for free: After your meal, the servants and maidens will come to you with a game (which will be theirs to decide) – if you win, you will have dined on the house (SPOILER ALERT: You’ll not be stabbed or shot or slashed, and you will leave in one piece. I promise.).
As it happens, they are well-prepared for guests from foreign territories and offer an English menu as well. They are a little pricy, but given what they offer you, it is so worth it, believe me. If you’d like to make it a whole day of medievalness, why don’t you also try out the night watch tours while you’re at it? Hopefully, you will enjoy my insider as much as I do. And hey: You’re welcome for the tip, That’s what I do. I eat and I know things.

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