Cause you’re young and wild and free – Rostock’s Club Guide

Let’s be honest: When you’re young, one hand is always reserved for holding a beer, and sleep is a word you all too rarely hear about. Sound familiar? I feel you.

So let me help you find the best places in Rostock to indulge your party passion, tested and approved by me and my flatmates over many years of research.


Grrr. No clubs opened on Mondays. But don’t worry, there’s a merry alternative for
your weekly warming up – Cocktail dicing at Besitos. Hang around with your friends, have a nice chat and a perfectly mixed Long Island Ice Tea as preparation for Tuesday. The price of your cocktail depends on your luck as you have to throw the dice to pay at least €1 but never more than €6. You hit a winning streak? Nice, get drunk with just a little change in your pocket (and keep your head up; Tuesday is coming).


Headache gone already? OK, then get yourself ready for the 1,2,3, Stundentenparty (student’s party) in Rostock’s oldest club. My favourite ‘institution’ ‘ST’ invites you to drink as many free beers as you can manage from 10pm to 11pm. Finished? Hit the dance floor, celebrating the best rock and pop anthems from 90s, 2000ers up to today’s music. So if you’re a fan of Blümchen, Blink 182, and Taylor Swift at the same time, you should go there. ST, which is short for Schifftechnik (ship engineering), is a very small but lovely place to be, especially in the summer, because there’s a very cool outdoor area where you can get drinks and snacks as well.
What I love the most about this club is that everybody’s welcome. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or where you come from, just have a good time. And this is what’s so special about Rostock’s clubbing scene: you’re going to find a familiar atmosphere and very sociable people everywhere. You don’t even have to give your coat to the cloakroom as nobody will steel it if you put it in a corner of the room.


Day 3 of your perfect week has started. Hurry up, happy our starts at 9pm, and the queue is always long in front of the ‘Studentenkeller’ (student’s basement). Buy one, get two is the motto of this club until 11pm. Don’t miss out on trying their homemade liquor called ‘Ronny’ (woodruff+buttermilk, yummy!).
If you’re claustrophobic, you should stay in the very nice outdoor area and chat with lots of other students, but if you’re brave and hungry for dancing you should get downstairs into the old masonry where you can listen to all kinds of dance music. I personally would highly recommend  the ‘trash nights’ with lots of hits from the 90s and early 2000s.


There’s usually only one club to go on Thursdays—LT. This disco is a very traditional one as well, as the name stands for Landwirtschaftstechnik (agricultural technology) and was established in 1974. This quite big club is the right one for the ‘youngsters’ and fans of black and chart music among you. If you’re lucky, there might be a students’ councils’ party with lots of special offers. But to be honest, it’s just not my kind of music and party. But maybe it’s yours, so try out yourself and let me know your experiences.


Still alive? Then let’s move on to our next stop. You have different options on Friday’s evening.
The first one and usually the club of my choice is ST (mentioned above). They have different special offers on this day of the week depending on the time of month. Just have a look on their Website.

Option 2 could be ‘Helgas Stadtpalast’, which might be a bit more expensive, but you’ll get beautiful 50s charm and very special parties and concerts. One of my favourites there is the electroswing-party.
Last but not least is when the ‘Studenteneller’ (mentioned above) opens its gates as well. The mottos differ (the upcoming one would be ‘One night in Cuba’ for example), but you can check their Facebook page in advance for further information.


Whoop whoop, you made it! Finale of your perfect party week.
Every second week you might like to enjoy the ‘Greif’ club which is usually visited by people who are a bit older than the average student (not 50, but maybe 30). Here you can dance to hits and pop songs of different decades. Try to be there in time as they will shut the gates early if it’s too crowded.
Call me repetitive, but the ST club also throws a party. This time it is the perfect theme for the metal heads among you. Listen to hard tunes and shake your brain out of your head.
Catch ‘Saturday Night Fever’ in the LT club while enjoying chilled drinks and chart music. If there are enough people, they’ll probably open the ‘hit floor’ which is my favourite area there. A great place to sing along and dance ‘disco fox’ (Click here to practice in advance 😉 ).


No parties on Sunday, guys. Order pizza and watch Netflix.


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