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Rostock as a not too big city probably still has (almost) everything you can imagine and could probably need. Like you might already have discovered on this blog or other resources, there are loads of cool places like bars, cafés, public areas which are pretty enjoyable but unfortunately often also a little crowded. So if you are still looking for an insider that is not as mainstream as the usual stuff, I might have the jam for you.

The JAZ e.V Rostock which stands for “Jugend-Alternativ-Zentrum” (Youth Alternative Center) is a quite hidden spot which I myself as a born and raised Rostocker hadn’t discovered until two years ago. It is located near the “Steintor” in the Lindenstraße 3b (google maps is your friend), which is right behind the main office of the OZ (“Ostsee Zeitung” – the local newspaper).

In the building there are two different big rooms, in which there are also hold parties and concerts, one is called the “Café” and the other one the “Bunker”, which function as two separate floors on these occasions. There is an outside area, as well, where you can sit around a fireplace or on comfortable little sofas or simply wherever you like, get a drink from the bar or enter the self-help bicycle repair shop.

Which brings me to my next point, namely the widespread program the JAZ has. But first, I should shortly explain their basic concept: The JAZ is a socialistic, proactive non-profit association that works to create free space(s) for young people to be culturally, socially, and organizationally active. Based on (mostly) volunteer work it enables the engagement with ecology, local and global events and an alternative way of living. Many different kinds of projects are offered, such as workshops for professional/job-related orientation, event technology, music, socio-culture, film/journalism, sports (e.g. hula hoop) and many more.

The open concept welcomes everybody who is interested to join, be it for their own orientation and joy or also for participating actively as the program is always changeable and not immobile.
The socialistic concept of a low-threshold program enables young people but also everyone else to broaden their mind for no-/very low-cost and come true.
I am going to be talking about one special project of theirs in my next post, so stay tuned for that!
Meanwhile you can check out the JAZ and connect with other great like-minded people (even if you’re just passing through and want to do something apart from the mainstream tourist attractions), go to a great (e.g. electronic music) party or whatsoever.
Maybe you’re even staying in Rostock for a semester as a guest and thus get to know another alternative bit of beautiful Rostock. Either way, JAZ is worth a visit.

To be continued in the next JAZ episode: A Vegan Guide for Rostock Part 2 – The “Volxküche” (people cooking with and for each other)…

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