Fröhlich – the trendiest Frozen Joghurt shop in the city      

Service and friendliness:    ★★★★★
Price for a scoop:               ★★☆☆☆
Variety:                               ★★★★★
Taste:                                  ★★★★★
Ambience:                          ★★★★★
Great for families:               ★★☆☆☆

Since I have been living in Rostock, Fröhlich has always been my first choice when I crave for ice cream. It is located right in the heart of Rostock’s KTV at the Brink.  I have been there hundred times, but my friends and I could not leave out this hippest ice cream place when comparing different ice cream shops in town. We visited Giovanni L., located in the KTC (family friendly with a beautiful terrace and a huge variety) and the Eisscholle( convicing with its self-made ice cream and friendly service and also located in the KTV) But my personal favorite is and always will be Fröhlich because it is a modern, trendy shop with a super delicious alternative to traditional ice cream: frozen joghurt, frozen quark and frozen pudding and millions of toppings!

Where to start? The colourful interior invites you to step into the shop. Fröhlich is small but mighty. They have several seats outside in front of the shopwindow though you will never catch rays of sunshine. But Fröhlich is directly located at the Brink and here you have a lot of room to enjoy your frozen joghurt in the sun and have a lovely chat with your friends and simultaneously meet other friends! Next thing is the service: a lot of my fellow students work or have worked there; the service has always been very outstandingly friendly. They will advise you if you feel overwhelmed by the tremendous variety of toppings which is where we come to the next point: the toppings. The toppings are amazing and breathtaking. They will knock your socks off! And you will definitely have a hard time deciding. That’s for sure. But it is worth it! Fröhlich offers fresh seasonal fruit such as pineapples, Karls Erdbeerhof-strawberries and grapes as well as fresh and homemade fruit sauces. You can also pick various types of sweets such as Oreo, Kinderschokolade, Joghurette, Smarties, Gummibärchen and so on and so forth! Their sauces are also awesome: Oreo sauce, Giotto sauce, kinder country sauce, red berry compot (my favorite with oreo), caramel sauce, or almond sauce (there are even more!). In wintertime, you may also want to try their warm sauces. If you feel like staying for longer time, you can also order coffee, a latte macchiato or several other hot drinks as well as smoothies.

The self-made frozen joghurt costs about €2,10 for a small cup and you pay extra 40ct for every topping you order. Considering the wide range of toppings, varying frozen joghurt flavours and the friendly service, it is definitely worth the price!

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