Vanessa’s student experience in Rostock   – Day 2  

What I forgot to mention in my last entry is that Vanessa already graduated last year and therefore made her own student life experiences, just not in good old Rostock… 

So after our glorious night out, the next day started off with me hitting the A&E of the eye clinic, which is conveniently situated around the corner where I live. On Wednesday I had a regular check up appointment at the opticians and something must have gone wrong for I’ve literally been running around all evening and the next morning like the biggest drug addict ever. So between my two trips to the clinic, we had a lovely pancake breakfast, and added to her proper student experience the enjoyable occasion of waiting in hospital after a night out. The picture actually does proof, that the first one always turns out wrong 😀

At noon we got back home and planned our day ahead. Our original plan included to hit some Segways at Dierhagen; however, since the weather forecast wasn’t that generous with sunshine, we decided against that plan and went for the beach in Warnemünde instead. We had a nice walk along the coast of Warnemünde, the refreshing cold water washing over our feet and soles. Close to the Neptun Hotel we got lazy and sat down for a short rest. This rest turned into a full hour of sunbathing and dozing off. Eventually, the feeling of being roasted became too strong, and we got going again. I had the glorious idea to go for some ice cream in the ice cream parlour at the Neptun Hotel, which I know since being a little kid. The Neptun Hotel already exists since the times of the GDR and is therefore a typical east memory spot, especially the Broiler Bar (check out their page or have a look at the following summary). 

Once we got there, we had to discover that the ice cream place had been turned into a wine bar. So we made our way back to the lighthouse in search of a place to grab some ice cream. This actually proved to be quite difficult. In the end we found a nice little ice cream place, which I can highly recommend if you plan on getting drunk of ice cream. Literally. They offer so many alcohol infused ice cream types it almost seems ridiculous. It was good through, and the price is within the normal range. 

What you need to know about Warnemünde beach before I take you to our next destination is that it is generally over-crowded and not really a nice place to find some peace and quiet. If you are looking for a nice spot to spent some time with friends and not sitting directly next to others, I advice you to take the ferry to Hohe Düne and walk the short distance to the beach behind the Hohe Düne Yachthafen Residenz and enjoy a lot more space there. Plus, if you are a student, the ferry won’t cost you a penny. 

Stay tuned for Vanessa’s student experience #3 with us; hitting the Stadthafen and Peter Pane in the afternoon on day 2.    

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