The perfect Sunday: bike tour, picking strawberries, Karls Erlebnis-Dorf and Hohe Düne

Last Sunday, we got a visit from my best friend and her dog. Since the weather was sunny with a little wind, we were looking for an outdoor activity to which we could take her dog with us. Besides the typical suggestions like Warnemünde or the Harbour, which she has seen a hundred times, we wanted to experience something new. It came to our mind to pick strawberries. So we got our ikes ready and looked up a route on Google Maps. I live in the Old Town and the bike tour were about 12 km; the tour took us about 45 min. The bike ride is very recommendable because you can always use extra bike paths, which make it a lot safer instead of riding on the roads.

Once we got there, we were keen on one thing: picking the most tasty and thickest strawberries. This day, a  friendly old man worked in a little cabin, waiting for customers to help and charge them their picked strawberries. He noticed that we are not familiar with picking strawberries, so he explained the rules to us and gave us baskets to put our strawberries in to take them home. (The baskets are for free!) Since picking strawberries is quite popular around families, there were not many strawberries left in the front rows, so we walked a little distance to find the sweetest and most beautiful strawberries. We picked about 30 min and paid our strawberries in the little cabin and paid for 8 kg about 22€. In comparison: If you buy from a Karls Erlebnis-Dorf strawberry booth in the city, you pay around 4,50€ for 500g strawberries. It is definitely worth picking your own strawberries: you not only choose the thickest and reddest ones but you save also a lot of money.

After the strawberry field, we also visited Karls Erlebnis-Dorf. It is always a good idea to spend an afternoon there, if you have kids because you can enjoy the day off in the sun, play several games and meet, and also cuddle, various animals. Here you can read about Karls Erlebnis-Dorf in detail.

The perfect ending of our sunny Sunday was the beach in Hohe Düne. I have never been there, because the public transportation to Warnemünde is much easier. But I was surprised: it was not crowded at all. That was so relaxing and we could also let my best friends dog play and jump in the sand without watching it every second, while we relaxed in the sun.

If you seek for a fun outdoor experience, I recommend the strawberry field, Karls Erlebnis-Dorf as well as the beach in Hohe Düne very strongly. The strawberry field is right across the street of Karls Erlebnis-Dorf.

Have fun!

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