Griffins Football match: definitely worth experiencing!

I love to give presents to my closest friends or family. This time, I thought I’ll give my boyfriend a special additional present to his main present for his birthday. I collected some ideas on Pinterest and I began to tinker.  I made him a little jar with popsicle sticks where I wrote down activities we could experience together. Every time, we are uncreative and irresolute about our plans for the weekend or vacation etc., he pulls a stick and we will experience the activity written on the stick. I divided the activities into three categories: no money is needed to perform the activity, little money is needed, much money. When I gave him the present on his birthday morning, he was totally amazed and keen on testing out everything immediately.

Last time, he pulled a stick with “Football” on it and I promised to take him to watch the Griffins at least once. The Griffins usually play and train at the Jahn-Sportpark Warnemünde or the Leichtathletikstadion, but this time was special: They played at the Ostseestadion and 4500 people cheered on the Griffins!

We rode to the Ostseestadion on Saturday, May 26th with our bikes from the Old Town, along the harbor and then through the Hansaviertel. It was a sunny, cloudless, and relaxed afternoon in spring which was just perfect for spending time in the sun on the stand cheering for the Griffins playing against the Berlin Adler. The bike ride is also very recommendable! I, a totally newcomer in the field of football, had the rules and the sense of the game explained to me by my boyfriend during the game. This was actually the best and most practical way to learn the rules of the game. Even if you hadn’t known the rules prior to game, you will very likely acquire them by watching it.

It is absolutely worth watching a football match because the excitement and atmosphere will definitely cheer you up! Food is also arranged by the stadium and you will experience an American football afternoon with a stereotypical German bratwurst in a roll and lots of beer.

Here you can check out their training schedule and here you find their season schedule. Once we got our tickets, we were so excited to finally experience this special football match together and I bet, you will be too!

Have a fun afternoon!


The used photos are all taken by me.

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