Father’s day — a boozy holiday

When you ask Germans why most of them have a day off on May 10th a lot of them will tell you that it is because of father’s day. But why should we get a free day just because of father’s day? Wasn’t there something else? Maybe something with an ascension? Oh yeah, the Ascension of Jesus (I will just leave you a link to double check your knowledge if necessary).
But still, the focus of this day is nowadays the father’s day; probably less to appreciate fathers and more alcohol. Specially, when you will be in Rostock you will probably even wake up by people yelling in the streets and listening to loud music. This actually sums up the trend of the whole day. Usually, you will see women and men, drunk and sober, some on bikes and some walking, passing the streets most with the aim to get drunk with their mates since the early morning hours starting by having breakfast while drinking beer or drinking sparkling wine.

Of course, I do not want to say that everyone is like that; there are also people making a bike tour or just enjoying the day; but personally, I think the first described group of people dominates that day. I have to admit: mostly I am one of them running around, which I always really enjoy. This day gives you the permission to start drinking at 9 am without looking like an alcoholic! Just because everyone else does it as well. In Rostock, you even prepare for this event several days. It’s not just buying beer and then go; it’s a whole organization starting with what to do in the morning, what to eat and what special, funny and totally unnecessary things to bring. The motto, therefore, is: the more unnecessary and creative the better. I mean, who doesn’t need a teddy bear which repeats all the words you say in a higher tone. You can sometimes even feel the jealousy of other groups when they see what cool stuff you brought which they don’t have. It’s not possible to transport all of the bought stuff in a bag, so the groups get even more creative when it comes to the different transportation options. Mostly, you will see handcarts, which is a vehicle on four wheels pulled by one person, where you really have to appreciate a moment how creative the different groups got by decorating it but if you are really lucky, you will maybe see a beer bike, which I can’t even describe in words so I will just link it 😀
All of that different activities often end the same way by sitting at the harbor, having a bbq and listening to music; if they were still able to go and not already laying drunk at home.

So just be warned if you’re in Rostock over this day be prepared for everything — everywhere! 


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