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places I don’t hate pt. 1

Let’s be honest, people are annoying. There is no need to feel bad about that fact. There are simply instances when you can’t endure another living soul in your personal space. Some people take longer to reach that point, which is admirable, other’s reach it much faster, like me.

If you value your alone and self-care time as much as I do, I may have some useful tips for you. You don’t have to necessarily like it of course, but sometimes you just need a place to breathe and be for yourself and enjoy yourself instead of being embraced by a cluttering and blabbering mob of alleged fellow human beings.

Here I want to show you some of my personal getaway places that I actually do not dislike, for when the people of the world annoy me to pieces. Again.

When you hear “Rostock”, what usually pops into your head? The beach, right, the Baltic Sea which is quite close and easily accessible via trains. Thing is, in summer all those beautiful, easily accessible beaches are freakin’ packed.

Something that Rostock is not as known for is that the Rostocker Heide is the largest forest close to the coastline. It’s huge, with big green trees and bushes. You can hear the birds singing and breathe the wooden smell that is the special forest scent. Different walking paths lead you through different ranges of the forest, which basically let you have an out of the crazy people-invested-city just for you, or someone that may not be annoying as soon as they open their mouth. What you may also not know is that many paths through the forest actually lead you to more secluded beach areas which, because they are usually only accessible by foot or bike, feel abandoned. Well, not abandoned as in nobody will be there, but as close as it gets in summer.

I remember the first time my friend brought me, the peace and the smell were overwhelming. Only very few people crossed our ways and even then we stayed to our own. After strolling around for 45 minutes, laying down our towels onto the soft, clear sand on a large stretch of abandoned beach and then taking a swim in the cool water was the perfect outing.

But watch out, since they’re so secluded, a lot of them are FKK beaches, which roughly translates to “This is a beach where I can show you my naked bum”. If this makes you uncomfortable, you really need to pay attention to where you enter the beach. Because since we’re much more open here in Germany about being naked, we don’t think it’s weird and just take it in without staring or making disgusted faces. But don’t worry, you’ll recognise those beaches thanks to the “FKK” signs which are shown at each beach entrance. It’ll tell you if you might meet naked people there or not.

You want to know where that place is? Yeah I’m not going to tell you, that would defy the purpose of keeping it secluded and to myself and the wonderful person that introduced me to that beach we always go to.

Still, I guess you expected something to go by, so what I am willing to give you is that part of the forest that will (possibly) lead you to one, if you are looking for a nice refreshing walk in the forest with hopes of ending up on a beach. You may also just plan your own ‘adventure path’ to your own beach area, which in conclusion you can call your own spot. Your own little place you don’t hate.

#It’s somewhere close to the coastline 

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