The Kanonsberg (Cannon hill): unexpectedly one of the most peaceful places in Rostock

When you hear the name of this small hill for the first time what would you think? Personally, I would connect it to war and history I would never think about a peaceful place. But that is exactly what it is: the grotesque interaction between the still standing (of course not functioning) canons and the beautiful view over the harbor: the sailing boats and canoes, the sea and the charmant cranes, make the place unperfectly perfect.
Luckily, I am living next to the Kanonsberg so it is easy to go there when I need a pause of uni and work. So if you are next to the city centre it is definitely worth a visit to stop thinking about all the tasks or work you stillhave to do and instead observe other people as a neutral observer and concentrate for some minutes on their lifes. As from this Hill you are distanced to the observed people they do not know that they are being watched which makes it even more interesting because they behave like nobody is watching, whereas in the city center when you would sit in a cafe everybody knows that people look at others. It doesn’t matter wether you meet with friends to drink a beer and watch the sunset or wether you need a place to think and be by yourself. It is an occurrence that my best friend and I have texted each other after midnight to meet up at the hill and enjoy the view over the harbor in summer or build a snowman in winter. 
Overall, it is a really good location for a lot of different occasions, including when you don’t know where to go on your first date. First, there are rarely a lot of people so if you are lucky you are even alone there. Second, the Kanonsberg is the right place to go: because you have a perfect view — ocean, boats, people —  to talk about a lot of things and also when you don’t know what to talk about, there is always something going on that you can observe together, wether it is people playing Kubb or just some drunk students playing Flunkyball at the harbor (a German drinking game where you connect running with drinking but of course the running part is in the focus).
The weirdest thing I saw myself was  a homeless men with his sled and his sled dogs jumping over the stairs at the harbor whilst losing all of his personal belongings. And have you ever heard about HanseSail? It is a big event in Rostock at the harbor and really crowded. So instead of going there, it’s really nice to just see it from above and listen to the sounds of the event and (of course again) laugh about the drunken people, or you can also drink some beer and Pfeffi (a highly respected student liquor which not only tastes got but also gives you good breath, too. I mean what more could you want?).

So maybe we’ll see each other at the Kanonsberg!

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Originally I am not from Rostock myself. When I finished High School 2014 I wanted to study near the ocean so I came to the idea to study in Rostock. None of my friends have been to Rostock before and they were just telling me that Rostock is "another city in eastern Germany" but when I arrived in Rostock I felt at home since the very first minute. This is why I like to share my personal experiences and tips about Rostock in a blog so that future visitors as well as students don't think about Rostock as "another city in eastern Germany".

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