Enjoy A Royal Garden Experience

If you ask foreigners about Rostock, you often get two replies:
What’s a Rostock?” and “Ah yes, there’s the beach!

However, the fact that Rostock has several other beautiful natural and recreational areas in addition to the beach often remains an insider tip even for the inhabitants. The botanical garden is no exception. It is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Germany (opened in 1885), which has cultivated a huge variety of different plants and flowers over the centuries.

During summer, our beaches are overcrowded by locals and tourists constantly fighting over the best places to relax ; it is war in it’s kafkaest stage of art. In contrast the Botanical Garden is like an abandoned oasis of relaxation for people who want to escape a little from that daily tourist jungle. There are large outdoor areas, biotopes, and greenhouses. The splendour of the different flower stems is a beautiful sight all year round, but especially worthwhile in summer. The Botanical Garden is almost open all day, free of charge, and accessible by train!

It is quite suitable as a small stopover for relaxation before continuing with other holiday activities. You can offer your loved ones a nice environment for free and they will return the favor at the hotel. Deal?

If you are still not convinced, you can find a small video tour here.

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