Electro-Party Time in Rostock

I read a lot about the Studentenkeller or LT introduced by other students here on balticseabackpackertips.com. These clubs are fine, no doubt, but while scrolling through blog posts about partying in Rostock, I missed other clubs, especially for people who like electronic music.
That’s why I want to introduce two really cool events to you today. They only take place in summer, you pay no entrance fee and you can listen to electronic music made by local DJs mostly. Jackpot!
The Zwischenbau is located directly next to a student dorm in Erich-Schlesinger-Straße. It’s more an alternative club, I would say, and so the inside of the club is (a little dark but with charm somehow and always a bit decorated regarding to the theme of the party), but you definitely have to give it a try.

Every Tuesday from July – September the event called “Knutschen mit…” (“snogging with…”) takes place, starting at 9 pm. As I said above, you don’t have to pay for the entry, you just pay € 1 more for your first drink, the so called “solidarity Euro” for the DJ. Then you get a stamp on your hand, so the barkeeper knows you already paid the solidarity Euro when you order your next drink.
You can have a look on their Facebook page where the DJs for the night will be announced.
I really like to go there. The prices are fine, the atmosphere is somehow relaxed and there is also an outdoor space for cooling down if it’s too hot inside or having a little talk with friends or people you
just met. My tip is to try out their homemade punch – really tasty but watch out: Whatever is inside, it makes you drunk pretty fast (I once heard the barkeeper say the secret ingredient is vodka).
After a day off – maybe well spent at the beach – you think it’s time for another party in Rostock? That’s awesome. On Thursday, there is Helgas Stadtpalast where the event “Salon Majakowski” takes place in summer, starting at 11 pm. Same procedure: no entrance fee, solidarity Euro paid with the first drink and local DJs.

They have a very pretty outdoor area and even an outdoor bar. Sometimes, they play music outside, so you can enjoy the warm summer air, listen to great music, dance or just sit down and relax. It’s all up to you.
The club itself is a bit decorated like you are in the 20s: Heavy red curtains, splendid wallpapers and old leather couches. It’s a special atmosphere; you should definitely experience it yourself.
Well guys, these are my tips for a cheap, alternative and, of course, awesome party time in Rostock. I hope you enjoy it!

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