Wilhelmshöhe Warnemünde

When I first met my boyfriend, he took me and my dog for walk in Warnemünde. We left our car at the parking space “Parkplatz Strand Mitte” and started out walk in direction Wilhelmshöhe. While always having the baltic sea on our right side, we walked around a forest-like path, where we could let our dog walk without a leash – as everybody’s dogs do there. People use that path also for bike tours or just to choose one of the beach entries along the baltic sea. The Beach entries for dogs start round about that corner, so we could even let out dog go on the beach an play in the water, without bothering other beach visitors not having a dog.


After a while we arrived at the – for me – the most beautiful place in Warnemünde – the Wilhelmshöhe. One can eat an ice cream or have a meal at the restaurant there , some even check in to the hotel on that is called “Villa Ankara“.

If you rather care for a beer, get one at the bar of the restaurant ans at the tables outside. There you have an amazing view over the beach, when the weather is clear one can even look up to Warnemünde. The spot I am writing about is a few meter above the sealevel so you feel kind of sitting on top of you worries. The official website shows picture of what one can see there. But of coure in real it just is so much more beautiful that that.



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