Walking Tour: A Potterhead’s Guide to Rostock

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What all of the Hanseatic cities have is this old and enchanted medieval flair. If you like Harry Potter you will definitely find some parts of town that will give you – with a bit of imagination – the feeling of being in a part of Hogsmeade or at least the Diagon Alley. The gothic buildings – at nighttime in particular – are amazing to look at when the lanterns throw beautiful shadows up the bricks. Don’t get me wrong and expect too much though. But if you are interested in medieval architecture or this tour will definitely make you smile.

In this article I will give you some advice (and a small tour shown on google maps) but I also want to tell you in advance that you should go to discover by yourself. There is always a beautiful place to detect – around the old parts of town in particular. And this is why I will just send you on the tour and not specifically describe what you can explore but rather invite you to explore all by yourselves 🙂

The tour starts at Peter-Weiß-Haus which is just down the streets from the Blue Hostel but also has a cute little Hostel with very reasonable prices (Subraum Hostel) in their basement.
Head to Kröpeliner Tor and take a right along the City Wall through Klostergarten. Pass through the old garden along the wall and find yourself out next to the old Jakobi Church next to the University building. If you are lucky it is still open and the night guard will let you in to have a sneak at the beautiful restored entry hall. Afterwards head to the building of the City Library. The library looks just like out of Diagon Alley. Then head across New Market Square (Neuer Markt) towards the Steintor (Stone Gate) and along the city wall to Kuhtor (Cow Gate). From there go up through the angled small streets of Eastern Downtown (Östliche Altstadt) and pass through the tunnel at Nikolai church.

One of the last stops of the tour is the Petri Church. Wander around it and enjoy impressing and very minimalist gothic architecture that is lit by lanterns at nighttime.
The tour ends along side the city wall where you can sit and enjoy a view on the harbour but also on the old tanner quarter.

Now enjoy your little adventure through the beautiful city of Rostock, Potterhead!

Please comment this post to let other people know what you have found and how you liked this walking tour through Rostock.

Find the tour here: https://www.google.de/maps/dir/Peter-Weiss-Haus+e.V.,+Doberaner+Straße,%20+Rostock/Kröpeliner+Tor,+Kröpeliner+Straße,+Rostock/Kulturhistorisches+Museum+Rostock,%20+Klosterhof,+Rostock/Universitätspl.,+18055+Rostock/Stadtbibliothek+Rostock,%20+Kröpeliner+Straße,+Rostock/Steintor,+Steinstraße,+Rostock/Neuer+Markt,%20+18055+Rostock/Kuhtor,+Hinter+der+Mauer+1,+18055+Rostock/Nikolaikirche,%20+Bei+der+Nikolaikirche+1,+18055+Rostock/Sankt-Petri-Kirche,+Alter+Markt,%20+18055+Rostock/@54.0886312,12.1256586,15z/data=!4m62!4m61!1m5!1m1!%201s0x47ac574dd73913fd:0x69e993868e50c44!2m2!1d12.1208569!2d54.0890362!1m5!1m1!%201s0x47ac5755e666cc69:0xb78c8cedf2932853!2m2!1d12.1290942!2d54.08845!1m5!1m1!%201s0x47ac57547cf856a1:0x88d298177339b474!2m2!1d12.1327615!2d54.087323!1m5!1m1!%201s0x47ac575468cc6fb5:0x953906bbd5a3145a!2m2!1d12.1348731!2d54.0880484!1m5!1m1!%201s0x47ac5755cb0d73c5:0xc0a08e9d3f380da!2m2!1d12.1367371!2d54.0886071!1m5!1m1!%201s0x47ac59fe2d1d89f7:0x746f1a21553f05bd!2m2!1d12.1408805!2d54.0865956!1m5!1m1!%201s0x47ac5755f43988b9:0x5deaa67ffb663dec!2m2!1d12.1404022!2d54.0887872!1m5!1m1!%201s0x47ac59fe56d21ee5:0x69e035b29225e8ef!2m2!1d12.1436111!2d54.0867315!1m5!1m1!%201s0x47ac59fe962ddfad:0xc1f9c16ea527e31e!2m2!1d12.1462688!2d54.0877902!1m5!1m1!%201s0x47ac5755d83fdb07:0x266e6392b3a0e44c!2m2!1d12.147612!2d54.0906675!3e2

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