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Asking myself what’s really special about the beautiful Hanseatic City of Rostock there was one thing that immediately came to my mind: the canteens! Yes, the canteens. They are much more than a place for having a quick lunch and incomparable to those of other cities in Germany. You want to know what makes them so unique? Then take your time and enjoy the next lines.

First of all I want to point one thing out, this text doesn’t serve as an advertisement and I want to apologise in advance that I may speak kind of too glowingly about the issue, but this is just my personal estimation. During my life I had the chance to check out many different lunchrooms, some better than others. The food was competent, but rarely outstanding. When I came to Rostock I fastly realized that things are on another level. Here you can find seven different canteens spread all over the place, like the “Mensa Kleine Ulme” on the other side of the campus or the big “Mensa Süd” with 668 seats. The latter is open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 14:30pm and even opens its doors on Saturday. In order not to bore you with these kind of facts you can find further information on their homepage https://www.studentenwerk-rostock.de/.

Furthermore I provide you some details which emphasize what makes the canteen so popular among the students. Let me begin with the range of meals. Normally what one might expect from such a facility is to choose between two or three main plus perhaps one or two side dishes. That’s not true for Rostock. In the “Mensa Süd” for example there is offered fish, chicken and pork every single day. Moreover you can find one vegetarian as well as a vegan dish on the menu. In addition to all this there is a circlelike counter where you can find pasta with many different sauces. It’s not possible to not find yourself something to eat! Beside the choice of dishes let me have a quick comment on the taste… or just read this article http://www.rp-online.de/panorama/wissen/bildung/in-rostock-essen-studenten-am-besten-aid-1.2941461. Revealing the article’s key news it’s written that the “Mensa Süd” was honoured the best of all German canteens in 2012. Big respect! The last point I want to mention is the outstanding price. If you are a student or a member of the university a meal including a main and a side dish doesn’t cost you much money (see the picture below the post). Even if you are not a member of the university feel free to comearound and enjoy a big tasty meal. You have to spend a little bit more money, but nevertheless the canteens are an excellent alternative to overpriced restaurants.

A very last hint, not to nick all of your time, during the current summer season the terrace outside the “Mensa Süd” is open to all the canteen’s guests. A brilliant atmosphere to enjoy your lunch and having a conversation about whatever while snacking desserts like a homemade slice of cake or a cookie which are offered in the canteen as well. Have a Break!

  • piece of meatloaf + chicken escalope + big portion of potatoes with gravy = £2,50! 

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