Buy souvenirs, make your family and friends happy AND support locals

What’s better to show your beloved relatives who stayed home while you travelled the world that you had a wonderful holiday in Rostock than with a cool and funky souvenir or post card?!

When strolling through the Kröpeliner Straße and passing by shops, you will see stands full of postcards with the most popular scenes of Rostock (churches, buildings, the beach, seagulls) and colourful headlines saying “Grüße aus Rostock” (greetings from Rostock). We know them. We hate them. We buy them! Making our family and friends happy by buying them a little something that reminds them that you have been somewhere in the world is an excuse to forget your good taste. Never mind, we all share the same burden.

When I am on holiday somewhere else, I tend to do the same, knowing that my parents are so happy when they open their letter box and find a postcard in it. Even when it takes the postcard longer to arrive home than me coming back.

Wherever I am, I try to find cute little shops in which to spend my money on souvenirs and support locals. But it’s so hard to find one when you are a tourist. If you think the same and you are looking for somewhere nice in Rostock to buy something from Rostock for home and support local shops, then please keep on reading! If you happend to have bought something and are now angry with yourself because you haven’t read this post before – keep on reading, too. And learn for your next stay in Rostock 😉

Let me introduce the “FREIRAUM” shop to you. It is located in Barnstorfer Weg (see map below) in the KTV (Kröpeliner Tor Vorstadt), a young and hip neighbourhood with lots of cafés and restaurants.

The FREIRAUM is a small and lovely shop full of carefully selected goods to make you (and your mum, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, ….) happy. Cards, coffee mugs, maritime pictures, soap bars, cute notebooks, t-shirts – there is not a thing you won’t find in there. BEST OF ALL: there are also seagulls, anchors or the beach printed on that lovely stuff (just in case your beloved ones forgot where you have been on holiday)! The owners prioritise goods made in Germany and also sell ecological homewares such as re-useable bamboo coffee cups (best invention ever!!) or bamboo dishes.

And after you have spent your hard-earned holiday money on all that pretty stuff in there, have a break in one of the cute restaurants nearby. I’d personally head for the Café Käthe or Café Central or you take your newly bought re-useable bamboo coffee mug to buy you a coffee to go.

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