Definitely Visit Warnemünde Beach … But Not in Summer!

Even though the weather is awfully changeable at the moment, the summer is right around the corner. And summer means enjoying the sun, having the most delicious and adventurous sorts of ice cream and above all going to the beach.  But not for me! I’m one of those weird persons who prefer winter over summer for several reasons. Somehow my body is just not able to deal with hot temperatures and besides this I’m incredibly pale, hence I sunburn very easily. That doesn’t exactly look good ­– or healthy. In addition to that, during summer the beach is packed with people. And with packed I mean ridiculously overcrowded, so you can’t set one foot in front of another without making other people angry because you shovelled sand onto their beach towels.
Don’t get me wrong; I really love to go to the beach, feeling the salty and freshening air on my face, breathing in the incomparable fragrance of the sea, and watch the waves while they dance to the rhythm of the wind – but just not in summer.
So if you are like me, I would advise you to visit Warnemünde beach during spring or autumn, and even in winter the beach can be extremely beautiful and well worth seeing.



Spring and Autumn
Spring is my favourite time of the year. Every year in April I’m looking out of my window watching the tree right in front of it. When I finally spot the first green leaves shoving out of the buds, I’m the happiest girl on earth. For me, this lively spectacle officially heralds the start of the spring. Mother Nature is slowly waking up, the migrating birds are coming back and it starts to get warmer outside.
If you ask me, visiting the beach at this time of the year is probably the best time and should be a whole new experience for tourists. It feels like the air is the cleanest and freshest you’ve ever inhaled and the sea seems to be so calm and relaxed as if it prepares for the upcoming and very stressful summer season.
If you didn’t manage to take your vacation in spring, just visit the Warnemünde beach  in autumn. It’s almost exactly the same atmosphere as in spring only with a slight difference. The feeling of nature coming back  to life is now the feeling of nature coming to rest. Everything is a little bit more muted and definitely more silent than in spring, but the air is still vitalising and the sea is calm, saying good bye to the summer.


View on the beach and the “Neptun Hotel”, Sunset




I can totally recommend taking a loooong walk during winter, especially when it just snowed and the beach is turned into a little winter wonderland. I can’t describe the beauty of the sparkling and gentle-looking snow in contrast to the dark and rough sea. Obviously it can get very cold and icy when the wind strikes your face and whirls through your hair, but it’s worth it. It is one of the best feelings in the world coming home after hours of walking in the cold, cuddling into a bunch of blankets, and drinking hot chocolate with an extra load of marshmallows.

Besides these very intense feelings and the connection to nature you get while walking on the beach in spring, autumn or winter, you can take the most beautiful pictures of the pure landscape. In summer these shots are almost impossible considering the masses of people ruining the natural atmosphere.


Sea view


Shot taken in the “Gespensterwald” near the beach


Tip: Try to visit Warnemünde beach early in the morning. At this time the chance is good that you have the beach almost to yourself. (There will always be Nordic Walking groups, but because they mainly consist of lovely old ladies who appreciate the scenery as much as you do, they are an acceptable company.)

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