Looking for a Cafe instead of a Bakery?

#way to entrance to the Convent of the Holy Cross

What makes a café your favourite café?

First of all, it must be cosy. And when I say “cosy”, I mean feeling like being at home. With a friendly service, with good prices and tasty homemade dishes which makes you leave all day stress at home, for a moment at least. “Café Kloster” is one of them. Nothing is better in summer than having a cup of tea while sitting under an apple tree in-between a convent´s garden. A place in the city centre full of peace and silence.

But before you enjoy the best waffles, cakes, selections of tea or coffees you should start your city walk at the “Kröpeliner Tor”. This is going to be your way to the loveliest and cosiest café in town.

Keep following the track until you see a gate. That’s where you enter the Convent of the Holy Cross. In summer, there are different plays and in winter you can visit the ancient Christmas market. The Convent of the Holy Cross. offers a range of possibilities to join and enjoy cultural experience in Rostock. (For a short lesson in town history, have a look into Culture-historical museum of Rostock.)

Did you stay at the track or did you leave the path? -Hope you keep the track. It´s gonna be worth it.


# Café Kloster

At one point the path separates, follow the left one which leads you directly to the Café. It’s a small unique white house. If you look carefully at the picture on the left, this is the main entrance to Convent of the Holy Cross. if you follow the right path it will show you the apple tree. If you want to find the main entrance of the café you need to follow the left path.



Inside the Café you need to find your seat. The best place to sit is in the back part of the room where you get a nice

#lovely entrance

view to the terrace in Winter. The waitress is coming immediately and you can order your dish. I can recommend the waffles. They are homemade and you can choose which side dish you like. It takes only a few minutes and your order arrives. I often feel like sitting in a typical English tearoom and enjoy the feeling of timelessness. It´s pretty awesome to sit in the middle of town and get a rest from the rest of your life.





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