My very first (and basic) Shopping Guide

Whenever I have some spare time in a rigidly structured week, I sit down on my couch with a cup of hot coffee and delightfully drift away into the latest fashion magazine. Clothing has a tremendously calming effect, at least to me.  Reviewing the latest colours, cuts and fabrics in combination with suiting accessories, photographed in the most different and beautiful environments is one of the purest forms of art. The only problem about high fashion is that it is almost always high in cost. Just now, a beautiful lemon yellowish gown by Victoria Beckham caught my eye and Harper´s Bazaar tells me, that it could be mine for only 1695 €… No. A true drop of bitterness. Unless you´re a student and a descendant of a superrich family at the same time – there is no way you can afford anything located in this price segment.

Luckily, huge fashion chains like Zara, H&M and Co. manage to copy latest trends and open them to the masses. Indeed, that is a nice detail but almost immediately, another problem comes up: Rostock is a comparatively small town. We have a very nice shopping street – but that´s about it. Many people come across the businesses located there and it becomes rather difficult not to look alike with at least hundreds of other people. Small towns require increased creativity where to buy fashion and still feel unique while wearing it. Since I have lived here for more than 15 years, I want to share what I have learned during my `research` and give my very own shopping guide (from my perspective and regarding my 23 years of age) to you, who are willing to visit beautiful Rostock.

Let me therefore divide the topic into two major categories:

  1. shoes

Buying good but low priced shoes is a real difficulty. The combination of look, function and suitable prices often requires a bit of time but in general let me tell you, that you won’t find it at Leiser´s. (Don´t forget, I am talking about Rostock) Höppner has indeed a good selection but the chance to find a real bargain here is rather low. When I am in the mood for shoes I always search through the shoe department at TK Maxx. Don´t be afraid of the potential mess that sometimes awaits you, going there is always like a little treasure hunt. You may or may not find something but if you do – buy it. It will be gone if you need too much time to decide because very often the shop only gets two or three pairs of a shoe and depending on your size you maybe must be quick. Another place to go is street shoes, located in the KTC on the upper floor. There are of course many low-quality products as well but take your time and a closer look and you will be successful there. If you are mobile, go and try out the new Hanse Outlet in Brodersdorf (outer circle of Rostock). A Nike store opened there and offers sneakers and sports shoes for way better prices than Nike usually does. I must admit that I´ve never been successful when I tried Deichmann because all shoes there look equally cheap to me – and as you might know, everybody can buy things cheaply that look cheap – the trick is to buy something that doesn´t tell that is was low-priced to the ´audience´. My last hint, which does not only count for shoes but clothing in general, is to go into small shops and boutiques. Since they usually do not belong to huge chains, they very often make their own prices and discounts. Just go and have a try at them – for example a little store called Mooi often offers surprise packages and other lovely fashion items for moderate prices. Another example is the store Haltestelle in Barnstorfer Weg.

That leads me to the second major point:

  1. Fashion

As I said, go and trust in the little shops. My general advice is to check the side streets around the Kröpeliner and the Lange Straße. If you want to seize Rostock´s proximity to the Baltic Sea and need some sports equipment, then have a go with the lads from Supreme Surf which is now located at the city port in the old silo. Another important place is the afore-mentioned Barnstorfer Weg and the Doberaner Platz where you find great stores and delicious food as well if you need a little break. Of course, it doesn´t hurt to also check on the well-known chains since they sometimes offer good deals, too. I always pop into the P&C because they always have a SALE rail and intermediate priced labels in stock. Not everything there is for wealthy middle-aged business couples. 😉

My last hint is equally important but a very basic one, too: Take your time. Have a thorough look at the items you desire and definitely have a budget before you start. (I am still working on the latter) Only buy something when you can construct an outfit around it and an occasion to wear in your mind and when it suits you perfectly well. Clothes which are too small or too loose – I assure you – you won´t wear. Not only drink responsibly – shop responsibly and I guarantee you will be happy and successful in the end of the shopping day.

PS: I made a map for you where I marked the locations I explicitly talked about:


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