Go and see the “big boys.”

What do you want to do in Rostock? In general I would say do some random things like going to the beach or eat some salad at the harbour but what could you do if you want to see something special in this beautiful city. At first you have to decide in which things you are interested in. If you love the nature you could visit a little forest near Rostock which is called “Hütter Wohld” which is apparently another place/topic for a blogpost.
If I ask myself were to go in Rostock I just think of sports. And for this point I can give you the following advices. Personally, I love sports. And Rostock has some good teams to see. The most common one is obviously Hansa Rostock. If you like football it is a good choice to see them in the “big living room” called Ostseestadion.
When you are more interested in basketball you could visit the Rostock Seawolves or if you see yourself at handball you should try to watch a game of Empor Rostock.
My own heart beats for the squad of the SV Warnemünde Volleyball. I call them lovingly the “big boys.” I think it is our best team in Rostock. It is not the biggest thing in reference to a visit of a game from Hansa Rostock. It is much more family and laid-back. This season was very successful. The team has found their way up. So in the next season we will play in the German second league. They are still really nice and down-to-earth. Moreover is volleyball a great and aesthetic form of sport and always worth seeing.
So when you are interested in sports but don`t want to go to such a big event like football or basketball,
go and see the “big boys” of SV Warnemünde.


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