A walk around the Schwanenteich

Spring – the season after winter and before summer. Days become longer and weather gets warmer (at least on some days in Germany). The birds start singing in the morning, flowers begin to flourish and often wearing a light jacket outside instead of the warm winter coat is enough. It is time to get out and go for a walk or just to sit outside, enjoying the first sunbeams. Even if I love being at the beach or at the harbour I often prefer going for a walk around the Schwanenteich. It is close to my home and it is a nice location for different activities like running, walking, relaxing or for having a picnic.

The Schwanenteich is named after his most famous animal inhabitant – the beautiful white swan. The pond is about 1.5 hectares and the fountain in the lake’s centre is the perfect backdrop for every selfie. 😉 The Schwanenteich is surrounded by lots of trees, green bushes and meadows, which invites the people to sit down and spend some time in a relaxed atmosphere. There is enough space to sunbathe and if the sun is to hot, it is also possible to pause among the shades of the trees. Spending some time at the Schwanenteich is perfect when you want to pass a little time in the nature, but you don’t have the time to drive to the beach. And spending time in the nature is always a good idea!

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