A surprisingly pleasant shopping experience

Generally, I would say I am not the kind of person that loves shopping. And maybe even more importantly, I am not the kind of person that likes to shop on the weekend. Well, actually, I hate shopping on the weekend. I mean, who likes to spend their hard-earned time off in an either fuggy or over-air-conditioned and therefore freezingly cold store full of dusty clothing and crowded with annoying human beings, who think the most important thing in life is to own the newest collection of whatever their favorite brand is. Apparently, about 50 % of the average population DO like that. But as I said before, I really don’t.

BUT in order to be a good girlfriend, last weekend, I swallowed my pride and overcame my fierce aversion. I went shopping, on a weekend.

Instead of choosing the usual shopping route, which would be walking the Kröpi up and down, we decided to pay the new Hanse-Outlets in Brodersdorf (about a 10-minute drive from Rostock’s city center) a visit. So, just to be clear on this, not only did I agree to go shopping on a Saturday afternoon but I even dared to go to a relatively new outlet center, which is easy to get to from all around Rostock. As you can maybe imagine by now, I expected bad things to happen.

But, my trip wasn’t even half bad. In fact, I had a pretty good time, and we found some really nice clothes. The outlet-center is not a very big one. There are about 10 stores (I didn’t count them) that go from sports-wear and outdoor-wear to underwear 😉 Let’s start with the Nike store. Apart from the fact that the store was really crowded when we got there, I have to say that I was impressed by the immense selection of shoes. There were huge, about 10-meter-long and 2,5-meter-high, shelves for EACH size of shoe. And of course, they were full of shoes. They also had a lot of other sports wear with an unjustifiably big selection for men and a considerably smaller amount of clothing for women and children. Regardless of all that, I have to say that the prices are cheap (around € 60 per pair) and the products are very much satisfying. So, I can recommend that store. Another thing I was very surprised about that day was the Icepeak store. I didn’t really know the store before and thought it was that kind of old-men-trying-to-look-younger-by-wearing-brightly-colored-outdoor-stuff-store. Now that I’ve seen it I can say that, yes old men can get that kind of stuff there, but you can also get regular colored and nicely fitting things for younger peeps. In the end this actually turned out to be the store that we spend most money in that day (in my case around € 40 for a t-shirt and a fleece jacket). I’m glad we gave it a shot 😉

I’m not gonna go into detail with all the other stores, but there are definitely some more worth visiting. All in all, I can say that the Hanse-Outlet might not be the right place for every single shopping purpose but you can absolutely go there for sports and outdoor wear and most definitely for chocolate (Lindt store!!!!) 😉 It’s not too big so that you get annoyed by having to decide which stores to look at and which ones to leave out. It’s a good option to spend a rainy day but not too much money. So, if you’re up for it and you get a chance to check it out – do it!




Hanse Outlets

Am Handelspark 3

18184 Broderstorf

Opening hours:  Monday to Saturday: 10 am to 7 pm


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